Comfort air and
Process air technology
Comfort air and
Process air technology
Comfort Air Technology
Process Air Technology

Air Diffusers

Linear, Floor-Mounted, Industrial Air Diffusers,
Swirl Diffusers

Axial, Centrifugal, Tangential Fans,

Air Conditioning Systems

Filtration Technology

Units for Decentralized Ventilation,
Fan Coils, Chilled Beams

Suction Nozzles, Dampers, Prefilters
and Fine Filters, Separators and Compactors

Air Distribution

Humidification Technology

Flow Rate Controllers,
Highly-Tight Shut-Off Dampers

High Pressure Humidifiers, Air Washers,
Adiabatic Cooling Systems

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Indoor Airflow Tests, Wind Channel Lab Tests,

CFD Airflow Simulations,
Thermal Simulations, etc.

Airflow Simulations,
Experimental Measurements,
Customized Solutions, etc.


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