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LTG System ActiveControl - unique and brilliant!  

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Airflow Control Units

Flow rate controller VREactive (short)

Flow rate controller VRFactive (short)

Air distribution products such as flow rate and pressure controllers and related components are essential for operating air conditioning and ventilation units economically. They fulfil the following functions as required:


Equalize, shut off or reheat volumetric air flow
Modulate volumetric air flow in steps
Maintain constant regulated volumetric air flow
Variably regulate volumetric air flow
Constantly regulate the pressure in the air distribution ducting

LTG flow rate and pressure controllers master all required tasks even at lowest air speed and with minimum space requirement and with advanced control concepts such as ventilation on demand or hybrid ventilation.

for circular and rectangular cross-section air distribution systems
with pneumatic and elecrical actuation and control devices
for constant and variable air volume systems

New: Power-off and easy parametrisation and set-up with LTG NFC app!


High regulation accuracy
achieved via critical production tolerances, low-friction bearings as well as optimized control parameters


Lowest possible response pressure


Simple design
using LTG dimensioning programmes


Corrosion resistant
Models in galvanized sheet steel, stainless steel or plastic (PPS)


resistant to wear, smooth running bearings

Easy adjustment
possible on site; damper setting can be read from outside


Simple assembly
suitable for most standard ducting systems.

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