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Linear Air Diffusers

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LDB air diffusers

Air diffusers are crucial to the operation and efficiency of air conditioning and ventilation systems. They allow ideal distribution of purified air within a room, as well as effective removal of thermal loads – important criteria for health and well-being. Even under the most demanding conditions, LTG air diffusers meet all important requirements and set the benchmark for their class:

draft free conditions
adaptation to individual requirements even after installation without reducing the efficiency
uniform distribution of the conditioned air within the room
flexibility regarding the interior design, by ensuring both the use for an inconspicuous installation and as an eye-catching decoration element.


LTG air diffusers can be installed in ceilings, walls and floors. Custom diffusers are available for special applications. Ideal choice of air diffuser is dependent on building type, building use and interior design specification.

How diffusers work

The diffuser splits the air flow emerging from the air duct into individual jets and guides them in the desired directions. This results in a rapid reduction in the velocity and temperature of the air entering the room, thus ensuring pleasant temperatures in the occupied zone.The current of air cannot be felt. LTG diffusers allow the way in which the air is fanned out and the form of the current to be varied.

LTG System clean®

Function of LTG System clean®

Contaminants within the room air like dust, tobacco smoke, carpet abrasions, dust or oil vapour deposit around the ceiling and diffuser as a result of entrainment. The LTG System clean® prevents surface staining almost completely by providing a screen of clean supply air across the ceiling. Benefits: The costs of renovation and maintenance are considerably reduced.


The LTG System clean® is available for the products LDB, LDK-B and LDR.


Type LDB offers almost unlimited options for design, colour and surface appearance. It can be perfectly integrated in all ceilings, thanks to a wide choice of border profiles, and is available in versions with one to four slots (cylinder diameters of 12, 20 or 50 mm).



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