Comfort air and
Process air technology

LTG Aktiengesellschaft with its expert and sophisticated, up-to-date R&D lab offers everything to provide solutions to process air technology challenges.


• Analysis, simulation, optimization of filtration, dust collection or flow processes
• Flow optimization technology based on CFD simulation, e.g. for the flow path in a

   machinery or installation

• Experimental measurements, e.g. to optimize capturing of dust or effectiveness
• Customized solutions 

Computational Airflow Simulation

Using specific simulaton tools (CFD) the flow path through or alongside machines and installations is calculated, visualized, and optimized. It can dramatically reduce the fluid machanical design time. Engineering parameters can be directly transferred.



Experimental Airflow Visualization

Making airflow visible helps to show the flow within processes or to confirm computational simulation results.

Customer-specific Design

Example: Airflow Simulation System

A complete airflow simulation system was integrated in the tight space of an existing test lab. It is used for aero-acoustical analysis under real and exact reproducible test parameters. Maintaining tight tolerances of the airflow profile and the turbulance rate allows for exact verification of the test results. The outlet velocity and outlet area can be modified to match customers specific requirements.

Filter Engineering on Site

It is not possible to determine optimum filter parameters such as maximum velocity, emission rate, and cleaning efficiency in a bench test with test material under real life conditions. However, it΄s exactly these parameters that are required to achieve the highest degree of energy efficiency, filtration output, and operational safety. With the mobile filtration lab these essential parameters can be determined with precision at the customers production site. The material to be filtered is taken directly from the process to proof the effectiveness of the filtration system.


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