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Discover the principle of LTG Filtration Technology

LTG Aktiengesellschaft offers a modular system of filter components individually adaptable to your process conditions.


The system parameters such as air quantity abd concentration of fibre and dust particles, are already incorporated into the design at the planning stage.

The various filter stages:

Coarse filtration:

A continuously self-cleaning prefilter separates fibres and coarse particles using a filter media. The vacuumed off coarse particles are taken to a separator with a conveying fan.

Fine filtration:

A continuously self-cleaning fine filter separates any dust still remaining in the airstream almost completely. The airflow through the filter drums is from the inside to the outside. The dust collects on the filter media, is continuously vacuumed off by rotating nozzles and passed to a cyclone separator.


All drive elements are located on the clean air side.


The filter surface is adapted to the requirements by changing the number of filter drums.

Secondary airflow 1 and 2:

The cleaning of both prefilter and fine filter is done by suction nozzles. The necessary pressure and volume flow is generated by fans. Fibres and dust are discharged without pressure from the respective secondary circuit. The fibre compactor and the cyclone, if required with an additional compacting power screw, are used for this.


The materials recovered can be returned to the production process.

Application of LTG Filtration Technology

Air processing technology
Automotive industry
Building materials industry
Cellulose industry
Chemical industry
Fibre manufacturing
Food industry
Furniture industry
Insulating materials industry
Metalworking industry
Nonwoven industry
Packaging industry
Paper industry
Personal care industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Plaster industry
Plastics industry
Printing industry
Process engineering
Textile industry
Tobacco industry
Wood industry

Our extensive product range

Series Air volume Material through-put Specification 
Prefilters TV. up to 135.000 m/h (80 000 cfm) 20-130 kg/h (45-290 lbs/h) continuous cleaning, mesh sizes 50-10000 m (0.002-0.4 in), 200 C/390 F version optional, filter class G1-G3 
Fine filters CDF/TF. up to 270.000 m/h (160 000 cfm) up to 250 kg/h (550 lbs/h) continuous cleaning, all drive elements are located on the clean air side, 170 C/ 340 F version optional, filter class F4-F6 
Fibre compactors FK. up to 10.000 m/h (6 000 cfm) up to 500 kg/h (1 100 lbs/h) perforated sheet metal cone with auger and tangential air inlet, pressureless material discharge, 150 C/ 300 F version optional 
Centrifugal separators / cyclones ZS. up to 5.500 m/h (3 000 cfm) up to 100 kg/h (220 lbs/h) material discharge at pressure differential up to 5.000 Pa/ 20 in H2O 
Dust compactors CPS  up to 100 kg/h (220 lbs/h) material discharge at pressure differential up to 5.000 Pa/ 20 in H2O, dust-free material discharge by compacting rate of approx. 2-3 
Shut-off dampers PKA/KLB   airtight shut-off, low flow resistance, easy to install 


Technical Documentation

LTG Filtration Technology
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